What is Shared Governance?

Shared Governance is a collaborative decision process between University administration, faculty, staff, and students, all working together to advance the mission of the University as a community dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. The intention of shared governance is to promote the best policies that meet the needs of our University community.

How does Shared Governance affect me?

Shared Governance affects all University stakeholders - including the administration, faculty, staff, and students. Issues ranging from compensation and classification, to input on leadership searches, to benefit changes are discussed and debated within the Shared Governance system. Becoming involved with Shared Governance allows you to introduce your ideas or policy proposals, voice your opinion on proposed or existing policies, and to become more informed about policies that impact your work at the University.

How can I get involved?

Each governance body has it's own intake process.  To find a shared governance body 'near you', please peruse the websites of the different bodies on campus.